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Pre-Owned Equipment Sales...



Once a system arrives at our 20,000 square foot facility; we inventory everything, including manuals, software, and     accessories. The system is then staged and we begin disassembling specific components for our cleaning, testing and   painting processes. 

All of the mechanical assemblies are inspected for wear,  broken parts, and missing hardware. We have proprietary checklists of the components that we have found to need special attention and that are common failure items.

Some items are automatically replaced, others, we know to check alignments, calibrations and performance. All parts are cleaned and lubricated as needed. All covers and exposed surfaces receive a fresh coat of paint to match OEM colors.    

Once painted and reassembled, equipment is calibrated and performance checked to ensure it meets OEM specifications. This process guarantees our customers solid equipment performance. We encourage all prospective buyers to visit our facility.





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